Madsen Pest Management or DIY?

Taking on DIY Projects are often appealing because they promise cost-savings and offer internal rewards. However, there are many projects where an experienced professional is necessary and will save you more time and money in the long run. Our staff at Madsen Pest Management (MPM) are here to help you select the most appropriate course of action.

There are situations and cases where handling a pest-related issue yourself are suitable. We have even added an online shop to help you use the same effective products our staff use. However, if you have major pest infestation or an issue with destructive pests such as bed bugs, carpenter ants, cockroaches and fleas., it is best to contact MPM.  We will get the problem under control and leave you worry-free!

Things to Consider Before Trying DIY Pest Management

  • Cost: There is a cost-

    DIY pest management is only recommeded for minor pest issues.

    savings benefit to purchasing products from our online shop and avoiding service charges. However, if you are dealing with an infestation, or if the products aren’t used exactly as intended (frequency, application, etc.) a failed attempt at DIY pest management may become more Be sure to accurately assess the problem before you make this choice. Call MPM to make an informed decision.

  • Convenience: DIY pest management options are often favorable if you have a busy schedule. However, some pest problems are best tackled immediately. Our services are designed to be as convenient as possible and are primarily performed on the exterior of your home with no need to enter. We also offer hassle-free online invoicing. This means that we can perform our services without you needing to be home (in most circumstances).
  • Knowledge: The products we recommend and use ourselves have instructions right on the label. Be sure to follow the product instructions with accuracy if you choose to perform DIY pest management. By hiring a professional, you remove the stress of having to learn about the product and application procedures and can rest easy knowing that a professional is handling the issue. Be sure to check out reviews when choosing your service provider.
  • Risk: Applying a pest management product without reading instructions or using the proper personal protective equipment carries some risk. This statement isn’t intended to scare you but to stress the importance of reading the instructions carefully when performing DIY pest management. When hiring a professional at MPM you are avoiding any potential risk and allowing us to do what we do best!
  • Effectiveness: For

    A quality pest management professional should have warranties to their service.

    small pest problems, products from our shop can be effective and a possible solution to your pest issue. At the same time, hiring a professional with MPM means that a thorough analysis of entry points will be performed. MPM also offers perimeter protection and provides consultations on how to avoid further infestations.

  • Warranties: Check the return policies before purchasing any DIY pest management products from MPM or any other pest management company. Always ask about a company’s policies before hiring them to service your home. Do they offer warranties on their work? Year-round protection options? A good exterminating company will. See our warranties and baseline service options here.

There is peace of mind in hiring a professional that you cannot get by trying to perform DIY pest management. Therefore, we only encourage you to try DIY pest management if you are dealing with a minor pest problem or if you are not in the service range of a reputable pest management (or pest control) provider.

To find out if you’re in our service range, click here. Or you can call us at: (715) 791-4777.

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