Drain Cleaning to Avoid Unwanted Pests

Did you know Madsen Pest Management offers drain cleaning services for both commercial and residential customers? Drain cleaning is often thought of when you notice your shower or sink draining a bit slower than it used to, but by then, you could already have a pest problem. There are many types of unwanted pests that like to hang around in your kitchens and bathrooms. But, if you keep your drains, tubs and sinks properly cleaned, you can avoid most of them.

What Kind of Bugs Come Up Drains?

  1. Drain Flies – Yes, there is a pest named after drains, and no, you do not want them in your bathroom. Drain flies are typically the most common pest found in a home. They resemble the common fruit gnat, and live and breed in your plumbing pipes. Drain flies feed on the decomposing debris living in your drains, so it’s best to get your drains cleaned before they can repopulate in your kitchen or bathroom.
  2. Phorid flies – Phorid flies are attracted to moist areas where they can find decaying organic material. They typically only become an issue when your plumbing pipes crack and leak under a building.
  3. Silverfish – Another type of pest you may prefer not to share your bathroom with is silverfish. They may not be harmful, but they will feed off whatever is left under your sink. Silverfish love moist, warm, dark places, so bathrooms make the perfect breeding ground for these guys. They can’t climb on smooth vertical surfaces, so they are often found around drains in sinks and bathtubs after climbing along the outside of your plumbing pipes in search of food.
  4. Fungus Gnats – Fungus gnats are another very common pest you’ll find living in and around your drains. Similar to drain flies, these pests thrive off the slimy debris and fungus that grows in your drains when they aren’t cleaned professionally. It’s more common to find fungus gnats living in your house plants, but a nasty drain system can make the perfect home for them too.
  5. Cockroaches – Last but not least on our list of bugs that can be found coming out of your drains are cockroaches. These dreaded pests can cause a lot of harm and damage in your home, and an infestation of them can be extremely difficult to get rid of. While it’s much more common to find flies and gnats coming out of your drains, finding a cockroach can signal a bigger issue. They typically only live on and around your plumbing pipes, but can make their way inside once they find a crack.

How Does it Work?

During a drain cleaning service, hot water is poured down each drain to loosen any hardened debris. Next, when possible, a drain brush is used to dislodge the now softened debris. Lastly, a foamer is used to push foam from the mouth of the drain, through the P-trap and to the septic. This foam carries a septic safe microbe that breaks down organic material stuck on drain pipe walls, and in every dark hidden area your routine at-home cleaning session can’t get to, while also protecting against future debris build-up.

How Often Should Drains be Cleaned?

Madsen Pest Management recommends you have your drains professionally cleaned at least once per year. Even if you don’t notice your drains are clogged, it is a great preventative for clogs and pests in your home.

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