Ants: 3 Ways To Get Them Out of Your Kitchen

Ants can be a nuisance outside and inside your home, but the kitchen is usually the central damage point with an ant infestation. Ant infestations are unhygienic and a food contamination concern. Some ants (Fire and Harvester) even bite. Addressing an infestation is necessary for both your health and sanity!

How Do I Get Rid of Ants in My Kitchen?

#1 Identify the entry point and find the nest(s).

Observe the ants and try to identify where they are coming from. Common entry points include cracks in the wall and floor, torn window screens, and broken sealant around windowsills.

#2 Place traps at infestation points and destroy the nest

If the nest is outdoors, you can use insecticides to quickly destroy it. Call us to learn more about approved MPM products. If you prefer a more holistic approach you can try pouring hot water on the nest.

#3 Seal the entry point

Caulk is an effective sealer for closing cracks around windows and doors. If you need to seal drywall spots use a joint compound.

Carpenter Ants build satellite colonies away from the parent colonies where the eggs are laid. This means that an infestation can quickly appear if one of these satellite colonies was destroyed but the parent colony exists. It is always important to have the guidance of an expert when uncertain.

If your ant problem is significant please consider calling us today at (715) 791-4777. We will strategically, humanely, and efficiently attack your ant problem so you can focus on the important things in life!

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