Tips to Remain Pest Free for Winter

Fall becomes the season where everyone is getting ready for the long winter ahead.  “Everyone” also includes those pesky pests.  As some animals hibernate, others will perish, but the ones that concern us most are those seeking out warmth and food sources.  Your house can be a perfect spot for rodents, bugs and spiders to find refuge from the harsh weather.  Following the tips below may help you avoid pest problems this winter.

Check your home for cracks, crevices and areas where pests can enter your house

The changing of the seasons, moisture, drastic changes in temperature and normal Check cracks in home for possible pest entry points.wear and tear can start to diminish the integrity of certain items that help keep pests outside your home.  Check for holes, cracks or fractures on the outside of your house.  The foundation of your house is a good place to look for any changes, along with rotten windowsills, poorly caulked frames, cracks in your siding or weather stripping in poor condition.  Make sure that all your doors and windows seal properly so insects and rodents won’t be able to squeeze through allowing them access into your garage or home.  Also make sure any vents and chimneys are properly covered with screens to allow air to exit your home but keep critters out.  Remember, a mouse can squeeze through a space that is the size of a pen or pencil.

Clean, organize and declutter INSIDE your home

Pests enjoy messy places.  It allows them to be hidden, safe and gives them the ability to move about with ease.  They can find warmthA dirty home is the perfect environment for pests to flourish. in a mess of items in your basement and keep safe in the darkness.  Keep as many things off your basement floor and attic as possible to lessen hiding spaces for pests.  Be mindful of cleaning your kitchen area or any place you prepare or eat food.  Vacuum, mop and clear cobwebs.  Try not to leave food on the counter and put everything in airtight containers.  Cut off their resources so they are unable to feed upon crumbs or remnants left behind.  Keep your attics, basements, garages and crawl spaces dry since pests will be looking for water sources.  Dispose of your garbage regularly and keep your outside containers, clean, tidy and in spaces where larger pests have a hard time accessing.

Clean, organize and declutter OUTSIDE your home

Clutter outside your home brings pests closer to your residence which leads to a greater Clean up outdoors before Winter to reduce pest activity.risk of having them in your home and causing issues to the outside of your house.  They love to hide and seek warmth in anything around your home.  Keep your bushes, trees and plants at least a few feet away from your house and do not let branches touch your home.  Keep larger trees over your roof trimmed so it’s less accessible for pests to get onto your roof and find other ways into your home.  Any pet food, bird food or things of this nature should be kept away from your house or in an airtight container.  Clean up any spills or messes immediately.  If you store winter items, decorations or firewood in your garage or on a porch, check to make sure no insects or spiders are coming inside with you.  Clean your winter items or decorations before entering your home.  Make sure you only bring in the firewood that you will be burning to ensure pests aren’t carried inside leading them to take up residence in your home.

We hope you find these tips helpful this fall while preparing for the winter season ahead.  Prevention of pests is the key, but if you find yourself with a pest problem, please give us a call at 715-791-4777 or shoot us an email (info@madsenpest).  We’ll be happy help rid you of those pesky pests!

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