Primary Seasons: Late Fall, Winter



Odds are that before you ever see a squirrel in your home, you’ll hear them scurrying around in your attic – scratching, clawing and chewing their way through wires, insulation, wooden beams and the walls themself. Squirrels seek refuge from the cold and find your home to be the perfect oasis when it comes to trying to stay warm. 


Another way to identify that you’ve got a squirrel problem is by checking your attic for feces. Now, squirrels are unique in the fact that if there is more than one squirrel living in your home, they will all use the same spot to relieve themselves. This can lead to damage to your ceiling, walls, insulation, and even the wooden beams used to support your home. 

If you DO find droppings in your home please do not handle them without contacting an expert first. Wildlife feces can carry dangerous bacteria and diseases that can be lethal if not handled appropriately. 


Some classic signs of squirrels damaging your home can be found on the interior and exterior of your home. Squirrels' teeth NEVER stop growing which means they are always looking for something to chew on. Examples of signs of squirrel damage can be found below. 

  • Roofing damage - whether that be to your shingles or along the roofline itself
  • Damage to/around your chimney or air vents
  • Damage to your home’s outer panels, walls or wooden pillars
  • Damage to bird feeders from squirrels coming in and stealing from your favorite visitors
  • Chewed through electrical wires
  • Ransacked garden plants and/or decorative pumpkins
  • Wood chips scattered about
  • “Water” damage on your ceiling – this could be a sign of feces build-up
  • Nests made in your insulation


If you have or suspect a squirrel infestation, call Madsen Pest Management. Here’s the process our Madsen team will follow to get rid of your squirrel problem:

  • Property Inspection

    First, our technicians will perform an inspection to identify what type of wildlife is invading your home and whether or not squirrels are the problem.

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    After the inspection, our wildlife technicians will identify and create a customized treatment plan to trap and remove the squirrels from your property.

  • Exclusion

    Our team of experts will remove the squirrels from your home and seal off any openings where they may be finding an entry into your home (currently or potential point of entry in the future).


  • Make sure the outside of your home is sealed off entirely - squirrels can fit into small openings so be sure to do a thorough self-inspection on your home 2-3 times per year to check for any new signs of damage and any entry spots. 
  • Trim any trees that are near your home to keep squirrels from easily gaining access to your roof and/or other entry points.
  • Keep bird feeders and trash further away from your home to help keep squirrel populations down around your home.