Primary Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall

Hornets are the largest species of wasp and are known for being extremely aggressive. While hornets play a vital role in nature they’re not an insect you want around your home. Due to their aggressive nature and ability to sting multiple times, it’s best to have hornet nests removed quickly and professionally. 


When compared to wasps hornets have wider heads and larger, more rounded abdomens. The colors and markings of hornet species also differ from wasps. The two most common types of hornets in the United States are the Bald-Faced hornet and the European hornet. The Bald-Faced hornet will have black and white markings while the European hornet will have an orange head and yellow bottom.


If you have hornets around or in your home call Madsen Pest Management. Here’s the process our Madsen team will follow to get rid of your hornet problem:

  • Property Inspection

    First, our technicians will perform an inspection to locate the hornet nests on your property.

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    After inspection, our technicians will identify the species of hornets and create a customized treatment plan to address them.

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    Hornet Treatment

    We’ll clear your yard or home from hornets using the best techniques for your infestation.

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    Annual Control

    If you have severe hornet problems, we’ll recommend an annual hornet control program. The result is a pest-free property that you can enjoy year after year.


  • Seal off entry points
  • Remove food sources
  • Seal garbage cans and cover compost piles
  • Pick up trash
  • Cover holes you find in the ground
  • Plant hornet repelling plants around your house or patio
  • Check for nests frequently