Bats are sneaky creatures that can enter your home through the smallest of holes.

Female bats have 1 baby per year. They live in attics in large groups (colonies) with other female bats and babies. They do hibernate in the winter months, but in warm-ups or extreme cold they are known to move around.

In order to get the bats out, an eviction or exclusion should be completed as bats in Wisconsin are protected and it is illegal to kill them.


Because it’s illegal to kill bats in Wisconsin, the best course of action is to trap them or guide them out of your home. But if you choose to perform bat exclusion yourself, you will want to make sure you’ve checked for signs of a bat infestation.

  • Inspect

    Check for large volumes of droppings, smell of ammonia, etc.

  • bat icon

    Set Traps

    Our traps are meant for catch and release and exit valves

  • Identify

    Identify attic and house entry points

  • Seal Other Entry Points

    All other entry points are sealed to prevent further infestation


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