As the calendar flips to a new year, we’re welcomed by the icy embrace of freezing temperatures and drifting snow. This season not only blankets the world in snow and chilly air but also introduces distinctive challenges in the realm of winter pest control. While many pests seem to disappear, some resilient critters thrive in winter, causing potential issues for home and business owners. As the pest professionals, we’ve got the new year rundown of common winter pests and how to address them.

Rodents Seeking Shelter:

The dropping temperatures drive rodents like mice and rats indoors, seeking warmth and food. To keep these unwelcome guests at bay, seal any potential entry points, such as gaps in doors or windows, and store food in airtight containers. Consider setting traps strategically, especially in attics or basements.

Boxelder Bugs:

These bugs are attracted to the warmth of buildings in winter. Sealing entry points, such as cracks in walls, can help. Vacuuming them up is an effective, non-chemical method of control.

Overwintering Insects:

Certain insects, such as stink bugs and Asian beetles, seek refuge indoors during winter. While they’re not harmful, their presence can be a nuisance. Prevent them by sealing cracks and openings, and potential entry points.

Cluster Flies:

Cluster flies gather in large numbers, especially in attics, to take advantage of the heat. Prevention involves proper sealing of windows and doors. 

Spiders Finding Hideouts:

Spiders are known to take shelter indoors during winter. Keep them out by regularly cleaning and dusting, especially in corners and hidden spaces. Use spider repellents or essential oils to deter them.

Talk to Us for Professional Pest Control Solutions

Welcome the new year with a comfortable and pest-free home. If you’re struggling with a pest infestation, it’s best to seek professional help from a reputable pest control company.

At Madsen Pest Management, we offer effective and safe solutions for various pest problems. Our experienced technicians will eliminate current infestations and provide preventive measures to avoid future issues.

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