With the holiday season approaching, we wanted to express our gratitude and thankfulness for our amazing customers and the wonderful Madsen Pest team that makes our company a success. Our heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of you for your continued support. This month, we’re dedicating our blog to the glowing reviews and kind words we’ve received this past year.

Deb Repasky: A Wonderful Summer Without Stings 

Deb shared her experience with Madsen Pest’s seasonal service plan, which features three treatments a year. For Deb and her husband, who is allergic to bees, a pest-free summer was a dream come true. She described our entire team as professional, knowledgeable, polite, helpful, and punctual. 

Deb, we’re grateful for your kind words and delighted to be a part of your wonderful pest-free summer! 

“​​Highly recommend… We decided to go with the three treatment plan after how amazing the first one worked. My husband is allergic to bee and wasp stings. It was a wonderful summer without them! Shawn did an excellent job. From the office people to Shawn, they are professional, knowledgeable, polite, and helpful. ALWAYS on time. I have been recommending you to others. Thanks for a great year!”Deb Repasky

Dan Carlson: Exceeding Expectations at Every Step 

Dan labeled Madsen Pest as one of the best small business services he’s ever used. He highlighted the exceptional nature of our pest control process and the expertise of our technicians.  

Dan, we’re thrilled we exceeded your expectations. Thank you for your wonderful feedback, we appreciate having you as a customer. 

“​​Madsen Pest Management is one of the best small business services we have ever used.  Every step of the way has been smooth in working with them and they exceed our expectations when it comes to pest control and management. Shawn’s experience in the business is evident but his personal touch and communication from his team is what sets them apart from the rest.”Dan Carlson

Nila Stockman: They Are The Best!  

Nila shared her wonderful experience with our pest control services, including rodent control, as well as wasp, bee, and spider control. Nila has been a customer of Madsen Pest for over a year and has added our tick and mosquito treatments to her services due to the exceptional results she had with our other treatments. 

Thank you, Nila, for choosing us as your pest management partner. Your satisfaction and trust are what drives us to excel.

“​​I have used Madsen Pest Management now for well over a year to help control mice/rodents as well as wasps/bees/spiders.

As a matter of fact, I am adding another feature today – ticks and mosquito control as my property is swarming. They are the best!”Nila Stockman

Dan Olsen: Immediate Results

Dan recounted his battle against boxelder bugs and how our services made an immediate difference. Within a couple of treatments, Dan’s boxelder problem disappeared. He praised our team’s excellent communication, service, and punctuality. 

Dan, we’re delighted that you can enjoy your yard without the nuisance of boxelder bugs. Thank you for your kind review of our services and team. 

​​”I had boxelder bugs by the thousands in my yard last spring. Tried spraying myself, only worked on about 10%. Madsen Pest Management sprayed and we noticed an immediate difference. Couple of treatments since and I haven’t seen any this fall!! Excellent communication and service and they are very punctual. Highly recommend!!”Dan Olsen

Jonathan Brassow: No More Cabin Pests  

Jonathan emphasized the importance of proper pest control for Northwoods cabins. He noted that previous owners attempted a variety of do-it-yourself pest control tactics, and the results were far from successful. However, since he set up quarterly appointments with Madsen Pest, his cabin has been pest-free. His wife’s newfound confidence in visiting the cabin with friends and family speaks volumes about the success of our services. 

Jonathan, we’re thrilled to have made such a positive impact on your cabin enjoyment and proud to be able to give your family pest-free peace of mind.

“Cabins in the Northwoods don’t do well if left alone. Previous owners tried many do-it-yourself solutions – and it showed😳. We set up regular quarterly appointments with Madsen Pest Control and have had no issues since then. My wife used to be scared to go by herself, but now she brings her friends! Thanks a bunch!”Jonathan Brassow

Thank you to all our customers and to those who shared the positive pest management journeys you’ve had with us. Your confidence in our abilities and your trust in our services are what keeps us committed to providing excellence in pest control. We wish you all a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter, and a pest-free home.

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