Ah, fall — the season of cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, and the stunning changing of colors. But wait, there’s a number of creepy crawling surprises hiding behind the autumn charm. That’s right – bugs! Just as we’re settling into the autumn vibes, these fall fliers decide to rain on our cozy parade. 

Asian Lady Beetles or Asian Beetles

Asian beetles are the party crashers of fall, showing up in large numbers with their characteristic domed backs in various colors, ranging from orange to yellow. They might look cute at first, but with these infestations, your garden is as good as toast. Even worse, they stink and leave stains behind!

Boxelder Bugs or Box Elders

Boxelders seek warmth and shelter just like we do when the temperature drops. They gather around boxelder, maple, and ash trees before making their grand entrance into your home. Just like the Asian beetles, boxelder bug infestations also leave stains on your furnishings!

Cluster Flies

These flies are not the social butterflies you want at your fall gathering. They resemble the common housefly but are much slower and less active. When fall comes, they get together to form massive clusters in attics and wall voids. 

Why These Fall Fliers Are Bugging Your Home

You might be wondering, “Why are these bugs invading my home? Did I accidentally send out an open invitation?” It’s not you; it’s them — these bugs simply have a knack for finding their way in.

  • Seeking Warmth: As the temperatures drop, bugs look for cozier spots, and your home or business is the perfect destination! They want to escape the chilly weather and have a sixth sense for sniffing out any tiny gaps and cracks.
  • Natural Nooks: Bugs have mastered the art of “bug-jitsu” to squeeze into nooks and crannies unnoticed! They slip in through tiny openings in doors, windows, and even cracks in the foundation.
  • Lighthouse Signals: Some bugs, like Asian beetles, are attracted to illuminated surfaces — AKA wherever there is light or looks sunny and bright! If you’ve got a well-lit, sunny home, it’s like posting an ad welcoming bugs into your home.

Tips and Tricks on How To Get Rid of Fall Bugs

Bugs may be party crashers, but you’re the host, and it’s your home. You can kick them to the curb! Here are some simple, practical, and bug-tastic tips to keep these fall fliers away:

  • Seal the Deal: Bugs can squeeze through the tiniest gaps. Seal cracks and crevices in doors, windows, and foundations to keep them out.
  • Lighting Dilemma: Swap out outdoor white lights for yellow or sodium vapor lights. Bugs are less attracted to these colors, so they won’t mistake your place for the hottest club in town.
  • Declutter: Keep your living spaces tidy and clutter-free. Your home will look fabulous, and the bugs won’t have a place to crash!
  • Natural Repellents: Use natural bug repellents, like citrus oils or vinegar, to keep bugs at bay. It’s like setting up a “no-fly zone” around your home!

Get Professional Backup

Sometimes — even if you try as hard as you can to keep them out — bugs still find a way in. If that happens, don’t hesitate to call in the pest control pros. Madsen Pest Management is your trusty exterminator squad — saving the day, one bug or fly infestation at a time! Contact us today!

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