3 Ways to Have an Insect-Free Backyard Party

There is nothing better than a fun backyard party in the beautiful summer and early-fall weather! However, some unwanted guests (ahem…bugs) can quickly turn your well-planned backyard party into an unpleasant situation for those who attend. There are preventative measures you can take before the big day, and Madsen Pest is here to give some advice!

  • Eliminate Standing Water Near Your Home

Gutters and downspouts can be a breeding-ground for mosquitoes because of damp, clogged areas. Also, stagnant bird feeders, kid pools, buckets and watering cans can also be open invites to party-crashing bugs. Be sure to empty all standing water before your party. If you have a pond near your home, consider aeration.

  • Keep Your Lawn Tidy and Clean Up Excessive Mulch

Keep your lawn cut, clean and tidy to reduce potential for ticks and other unwanted visitors. Mulch looks great for curbside appeal but if overdone can give cockroaches and ants the ideal environment for nesting and eventually entering your home.

  • Landscaping Plants That Bugs Hate

If you have landscaping around your home, there’s a good chance you have a few plants too. But did you know that some plants act like bouncers and repel bugs? Here is a list of plants that bugs hate:

Basil: flies, mosquitoes

Catnip: mosquitoes, ticks, flies, cockroaches

Chrysanthemums: roaches, ants, ticks, fleas, bedbugs

Lavender: moths, fleas, flies, mosquitoes

Citronella: mosquitoes

Geranium, lemon scented: mosquitoes

Lemon thyme: mosquitoes

Marigold: mosquitoes

Rosemary: mosquitoes

Follow these tips and get ready for a bug-free party! If you're dealing with a serious bug situation or you need an immediate solution, call Madsen Pest Management: (715) 791-4777.

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